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Today’s global business community is continually challenged to leverage Information Technology as a core competitive advantage. Information Technology continues to be more disruptive, complex and costly to deal with. For over 15 years, CRUX has been dedicated to making a better Business Environment through Providing Business solution. Yet organizations are increasingly more dependent on technology for survival, growth and competitive strategic advantage.  Our team is guided by a simple philosophy, strong values and high ethical standards that form our work every day. Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people at CRUX a responsible approach to business, and collaboration with our partners and customers, Crux is one of the leading solution providing IT firm in the market.

Crux is an industry leader in helping clients use information technology to achieve business objectives and maintain a competitive advantage. IT industry is challenging under any circumstances, its dynamic nature is always demanding, and Crux always look forward to flourish those demands to become a true first mover. To cope with such dynamism in the market, we focused on Business Development Software’s through providing business solutions as well as outstanding talents who will be the source of our competitiveness, throughout our history, we have identified emerging, turbulent shifts in technology and applied this knowledge to our clients’ needs, helping them achieve the results they require.

Dr. Hamed A.Hamadah
CEO at Crux Information Technologies.
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