Mobile Solution

We are proud to announce the partnership with EME International that shares our passion in enterprise mobility solutions. EME International, formed in 2004, is specialized in Enterprise Mobility solutions serving different industries such as Field Force Automation for Distribution, Services and Maintenance companies, Mobile Payment Solutions, Mobile Banking Solutions, Employee Engagement Solutions, and Mobile Marketing Solutions for different sectors on Mobile phone. With such a partnership, Crux is becoming the top choice in Kuwait for organizations wanting to accelerate forward on the Mobility super-highway.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and services, please contact us in the following ways: Tel: (965) 22465341 - 22465342.


Through our marketing Research and studies; we in Crux have decided to serve different market segments as follows:

A. mSales – Powering your sales team

mSales is a field force automation mobile solution that automates the full cycle of your sales activities, field sales and pre-sales with a complete view of its operations

using BI reporting. mSales integrates with ERP solutions Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

mSales Benefits

  •  Maximize your ROI by automatically tracing customers buying habits.
  •  Dramatically Improve performance of sales representatives through advanced GPS tracking system.
  •  Improve Sales Team Utilization by applying an adaptive visit route planning optimization tool.
  •  Effectively accomplish your Marketing Strategies by easily applying automated customer specific pricing and promotions.
  •  Be Always Informed by the automated SMS and email business alerts
  •  Take Intelligent Decisions based on comprehensive reporting, dashboard and business intelligence tools.

mSales Features


  •  Bar code / RFID
  •  Ordering and Payment Collection
  •  Sales Performance Reporting
  •  Survey Capabilities
  •  Signature Capture
  •  Customer Order History Reports




B.mConnect – Powering your Employees

Armed with the right credentials, employees can work at any time, from any location whether from a remote office, customer site, home or while traveling. mConnect is an Enterprise Mobile Platform that is built on the robust IBM MobileFirst platform.

mConnect Benefits

  • Improve employees’ engagement, productivity, morale and loyalty
  • Enhance employee retention rates
  • Increase company profitability
  • Increase employees’ availability for critical workflow decisions
  • Increase reliable, secure collaboration and communication
  • Utilize existing systems to their fullest potential
  • Save HR help desk time

Manage attendance, surveys, vacations, and expense forms anywhere and anytime 

mConnect Features

    • HR Self Services: all employees can access their HR data anywhere, anytime through integration with existing HR Management Solution
    • News: Reach your employees anywhere, anytime through their mobile phones. You’ll be able to send them the latest notifications, announcements, news, events, newsletters and articles
    • Medical Network: Provide personalized medical network detailed information to all your employees on their mobile phones
    • Employee Feedback: A channel for employees to send feedback, questions, requests or complaints to different departments within the organization
    • Push Notification Important messages can be sent to an employee or group of employees
    • Effective tool to enable Employee to access organization intranet and access critical information such as: Employee benefits, Policies and procedures, internal promotions and offers