Vertical Solutions

On a simple note, Verticals strategy for ERP Applications can be understood as a strategic drive by Crux to provide (specific) global customers with a comprehensive and cost effective, end-to-end (or specific) solution for the market today

What is the purpose of this?

Crux focuses on other more specialized functions to serve companies that need additional customization (on top of industry verticals provided by any ERP), and will reduce their time to market and lower their investments.


1. Consumer Finance Software (TRACK)

 TRACK addresses the need of finance companies for an intelligent solution that streamlines their processes and reduces overheads. 

TRACK was built by business area experts, with optimal functionality in mind, ease of use, reasonable total cost of ownership, comprehensive reporting features, flexibility and scalability.

TRACK handles the finance cycle from customer identification passing through credit approvals, collection and customer follow-up and ends with finance deal closing. With more than 200 reports, TRACK is beyond competition, and could integrate with any ERP.


  • Islamic Investment Companies


2. Charity Soft

Working within the charity sector poses many challenges - charities need to account for every fils and ensure that they are using it where it is needed most.

Charities are also challenged by specific finance and accounting requirements, which is why it’s crucial to have a fully integrated business management solution that provides the ability to track and trace all your donations, grants, budget, spending and allocations with fully compliant audit-trails. Modules of Charity

  • Donation Collection Management
  • Project Follow-up
  • Orphan Management
  • Education Management
  • Da’wa Management
  • Health and Relief Management
  • System Integration with any ERP


  • Charity Organization


3. Human Resources & Payroll Management

Human Resource departments operate in a dynamic environment, and therefore, demand a solution that meets all current needs of the day. More importantly, this solution must be flexible enough to evolve with the HR department and the organization itself, as and when the marketplace dictates.

Our HR & Payroll System Includes:

  • Employees’ Salaries
  • Leave and Indemnities
  • Work Statuses
  • Loans
  • Health Insurance
  • Attendance
  • Appraisals & Bonuses
  • Penalties, legal documents, and many more
  • Automated Reminders Alert
  • CV and Document Management System
  • GL Processing
  • KPI Key Performance Indicator
  • Letters Generation

Our HR and Payroll is fully developed on Microsoft latest technologies and compatible with ERP.



4. Crux Billing Software

Tenant billing system captures the tenant energy and volume utilization data directly from the corresponding CSV and Excel files and generates bills automatically based on the charges defined. The system also maintains the lease details and other property related information and includes the monthly rentals and other charges automatically in the bills.

Our Crux Billing Software Includes:

  • Manage Property, Tenant, Owner and Lease information.
  • Tenant Move-In, Subscription for Services, Move-Out.
  • Automatic CSV and Excel file importing via shared location.
  • Automatic bill generation.
  • Tracking of Bills periodically.
  • Bill Printing.
  • Tenant Payments and Credit Notes.
  • Bill wise Matching of Payments and Credit Notes.
  • Bill Registers, Tenant Ledgers, Receivables Statement.
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Analysis.
  • Export of Data to other Financial Applications.
  • Online payment and customer reports.

Our billing software is fully developed on Microsoft latest technologies.